Karachi Theosophical Society
Established 1896

On December 21, 1996 THE KARACHI THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY completed 100 years of beneficial service to the citizens and the city of Karachi.

The Theosophical Society stands out as a unique forum and platform where likeminded persons of any religion or faith get together to understand and foster ethical, moral and spiritual values and principles. Through study and through reflection, the underlying truths in the teachings of the prophets, mystics, seers and teachers, often hidden, are sought to be grasped intellectually and intuitively. Such a pursuit, besides benefiting the individual student, creates a salutary and uplifting effect on society, although not immediately apparent, as such influences work through the collective consciousness. Even materialistic science has now begun to accept interconnectedness and synchronicity at a deeper level as a fact.

The Theosophical Society is not content with promoting human values solely through reason and the higher faculties. It is also working at this through the ameliorating of suffering and by providing financial and other help to those who are in need. This work is being done by the welfare arm of the Society, known as THE THEOSOPHICAL ORDER OF SERVICE.

In order to provide the facilities for furthering the work, as indicated above, the Society built a first-class RCC building in 1955 on the site of the earlier (1910) stone and wooden structure which had to be pulled down. The new structure known as the JAMSHED MEMORIAL HALL comprises a ground plus two floors and has a total floor area of 18,500 square feet. 

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